Tel Hazor still dominates the road through the hills


A major city north of the Sea of Galilee, Hazor controlled an important trade route (so was wealthy) and protected the northern entry into the land (so of strategic importance).

Canaanite clay mask from area C temple 14-13c
Canaanite mask from Hazor
Fortified by its Canaanite kings, but destroyed in the 12th Century BCE (cf. Josh 11:6ff.). There was only minor reconstruction before Solomon's major refortification (1 Kings 9:15).

Shaft to Hazor's water supply

The city is of significance for the book of Amos primarily because of the evidence uncovered by Yadin's excavations of an earthquake at about his period.

Steps in tunnel to source of Hazor's water supply
Hazor's water system, like Megiddo's, also dug in the ninth century BCE, included a large pit and horizontal tunnel to the source.

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