Solomon (reigned c. 975–925BCE)

David's son and successor, the only other ruler of the united kingdoms, Solomon's parentage is surprisingly unclear. He was either second son of Bathsheba, tenth of David’s seventeen sons (2 Sam 3:2ff.; 5:14ff.; 12:18ff.) or fourth son (born in Jerusalem) to Bathshua daughter of Ammiel and tenth of nineteen (1 Chr 3:1ff.; cf. 14:4ff.).

Solomon constructed the temple of Adonai in Jerusalem. It is interesting to compare the list of his high officials with those of David. Solomon's list had only one priest (indicating the establishment of a "chief priest"?) who occupied first place; while David's lists are headed by “one who is over the army.” A second secretary and three other officials are added, while the head of "Cherethites and Pelethites” (royal troops) disappears suggests the shift of power from army to temple/court complex.

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