Psalm 82

[A psalm by Asaph.]

Please Do Something, God!

1 When all of the other gods
        have come together,
    the Lord God judges them
        and says:
2 “How long will you
    keep judging unfairly
        and favoring evil people?
3 Be fair to the poor
        and to orphans.
    Defend the helpless
        and everyone in need.
4 Rescue the weak and homeless
    from the powerful hands
        of heartless people.

5 “None of you know
        or understand a thing.
    You live in darkness,
    while the foundations
        of the earth tremble.

6 “I, the Most High God, say
    that all of you are gods
        and also my own children.
7 But you will die,
   just like everyone else,
        including powerful rulers.”

8 Do something, God!
   Judge the nations of the earth;
        they belong to you.

The Contemporary English Version c1995 by the American Bible Society.
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