Psalm 37

[By David.]

Trust the Lord

1 Don’t be annoyed by anyone
    who does wrong,
        and don’t envy them.
2 They will soon disappear
        like grass without rain.

3 Trust the Lord and live right!
    The land will be yours,
        and you will be safe.
4 Do what the Lord wants,
    and he will give you
        your heart’s desire.

5 Let the Lord lead you
        and trust him to help.
6 Then it will be as clear
    as the noonday sun
        that you were right.

7 Be patient and trust the Lord.
        Don’t let it bother you
    when all goes well for those
        who do sinful things.
8 Don’t be angry or furious.
        Anger can lead to sin.
9 All sinners will disappear,
    but if you trust the Lord,
        the land will be yours.

10 Sinners will soon disappear,
        never to be found,
11 but the poor will take the land
        and enjoy a big harvest.

12 Merciless people make plots
     against good people
        and snarl like animals,
13 but the Lord laughs and knows
        their time is coming soon.
14 The wicked kill with swords
      and shoot arrows
     to murder
        the poor and the needy
        and all who do right.
15 But they will be killed
        by their own swords,
     and their arrows
        will be broken.

16 It is better to live right
     and be poor
        than to be sinful and rich.
17 The wicked will lose all
        of their power,
     but the Lord gives strength
        to everyone who is good.

18 Those who obey the Lord
        are daily in his care,
     and what he has given them
        will be theirs forever.
19 They won’t be in trouble
        when times are bad,
     and they will have plenty
        when food is scarce.

20 Wicked people are enemies
        of the Lord
     and will vanish like smoke
        from a field on fire.

21 An evil person borrows
        and never pays back;
     a good person is generous
        and never stops giving.
22 Everyone the Lord blesses
        will receive the land;
     everyone the Lord curses
        will be destroyed.

23 If you do what the Lord wants,
     he will make certain
        each step you take is sure.
24 The Lord will hold your hand,
     and if you stumble,
        you still won’t fall.

25 As long as I can remember,
     good people have never
        been left helpless,
     and their children have never
        gone begging for food.
26 They gladly give and lend,
     and their children
        turn out good.

27 If you stop sinning
        and start doing right,
     you will keep living
        and be secure forever.
28 The Lord loves justice,
     and he won’t ever desert
        his faithful people.
     He always protects them,
     but destroys the children
        of the wicked.
29 God’s people will own the land
        and live here forever.

30 Words of wisdom come
     when good people speak
        for justice.
31 They remember God’s teachings,
     and they never take
        a wrong step.

32 The wicked try to trap
        and kill good people,
33 but the Lord is on their side,
     and he will defend them
        when they are on trial.

34 Trust the Lord and follow him.
        He will give you the land,
     and you will see
        the wicked destroyed.

35 I have seen brutal people
     abuse others and grow strong
        like trees in rich soil.
36 Suddenly they disappeared!
     I looked, but they were gone
        and no longer there.

37 Think of the bright future
    for all the families
        of honest and innocent
        and peace-loving people.
38 But not a trace will be left
     of the wicked
        or their families.

39 The Lord protects his people,
     and they can come to him
        in times of trouble.
40 The Lord helps them
     and saves them from the wicked
        because they run to him.

The Contemporary English Version, c1995 by the American Bible Society.
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